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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mini-BPR tour!

Hey all!

Well Paul and I had a great time in NYC tonight!

I was supposed to meet up with Paul at his hotel at 4:30. I had planned all along to drive over to the city from NJ, but my boyfriend convinced me to take the bus over and then meet up with him later. Well, the bus didn't come by 3:30, so I ran back up the block and got my car and drove over. Everything was fine - I called and told Paul of my change of plans but there was a women's basketball at the Garden tonight causing parking nightmares EVERYWHERE!! ugh!!!!! I was VERY late meeting Paul, but he was so gracious!

We first went down to check out Emmett's store, EMC2. I had called Emmett earlier in the day to ask if he'd be there. As soon as I said I was from BPR he got right on the phone and was his usual charming self! He said he'd be there and to come on down!

When we got there, Emmett was in the back, but his co-worker told him we were there. We walked around the store - he has some LOVELY summer dresses in that I so wish I could afford and some of Chloe and Kara's dresses as well. I mistakenly thought a dress I LOVED was his, but he told me it was Chloe's and was so nice about it - oops, sorry Emmett! I did love the new summer dresses with the ruffles though and wish I could pick one up (Laura you'd LOVE that one too - I thought of you!)

Emmett invited us back to the "garden". He is clearing out the space behind the store and putting in a garden. He had some friends back there - one was Dimitri, who designed the store and the other was a local jewelry designer, Molly. Her website is and all of her jewelry is made from musical instrument strings. Some REALLY beautiful pieces (she was wearing some!). The big news, however about the "garden" is that on July 12 (premiere night), Tim Gunn is hosting a party there featuring designs by Emmett, Nick, Kara (was Chloe included Paul?? I thought there were 4 designers). Such exciting news!!!!!!!

Emmett was gracious, as always! Thanks Emmett and as soon as I hit the lottery - I'm there!

We then headed back uptown. Paul got to see Red Lobster, Mood and Parsons (didn't go into any though and Mood was closed). Then (this is a funny story) we tried to find the Atlas. I could have sworn it was on 34th Street. In fact I was so sure that it's the only address I didn't map out on the web before I went! Anyway, since my car was on 39th and 9th, we decided to grab a quick bite and then I head back to pick up my car (which had to be picked up at 9:00). As we walked down 38th Street, all of a sudden I hear Paul say "wait, here is it!" We got to see the Atlas and Paul got a picture :)

All in all a great time. I am so glad I got to meet Paul! We missed all of you but we had a great time.

Pics can be seen here They are of Dimitri wearing Emmett's new coat design in the garden, Dimitri and Molly, and some funny ones of the Season 3 ads, which are all over the city. The rest are pretty explanatory (except the ones of the graduation I went to this morning - ignore those hehe!) Paul's got way more, hopefully he'll send those out when he gets back to Houston!

Much love,


  • At 8:32 PM, Blogger Laura K said…

    Hi Trish! Thanks so much for this great report. Sounds like you and Paul had a blast. I hope it's okay for me to just post this on BPR as is. Take care. Counting the days.....

  • At 9:32 AM, Blogger The Scarlett said…

    What a great report. It sounds like you had so much fun! Takes me back to that great day in March. It was fun, wasn't it?


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