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Monday, April 09, 2007

Season 4 auditions - A View From the Back of the Line!

At the last day of Project Runway's 3 day season 4 auditions in New York City, no one seemed to make it, but no one really seemed to care!

I arrived at the Westin Hotel Monday afternoon and went to the end of the line (which wasn't really as long as I expected it to be - maybe because it was the last day?) There were several anxious designers though and I thought I'd introduce myself. I said, "Hey everyone, I am from Blogging Project Runway, so if anyone is interested in the site, I'd love to chat!" Almost immediately I made some new friends!

I first chatted with Graal. Graal is from LA - she is a flight attendant and due to work she missed the LA auditions so here she was in New York! She attended FIDM in LA but after spending years in the airline business she has been inspired to get back into fashion recently. A friend suggested that she audition for the show. I then met the other people standing near her in line - Stacey from Kansas City, Andre who is originally from Tennessee and Meg and her assistant who live in New York. Meg has been in the business for many years and a friend also encouraged her to auditon for what she called "the most insane thing she's ever done"! I also chatted briefly with Ana from Staten Island, but she ducked into Starbucks to finish filling out her application and missed the "photo ops" LOL.

About a half-hour later I decided to wander inside the hotel. The Gen Art folks told me that I could not go upstairs because I was not "official press" so the best I could do was talk to the people coming in - and then try to talk to the people coming out of the auditions. I looked inside the Starbucks that was connected to the hotel and I saw a designer with three models who were wearing really stunning garments and really led me to believe that this was someone who deserved to be on the show. I decided to go find out what the story was.

The designer's name was Jason Vincent. Jason is originally from Minnesota and is living in New York now. He also auditioned for Season 3. Jason has an interesting approach to the audition. He decided to show 3 outfits (but several pieces) that he made in 5 days. He wanted to show the judges what he could do in a short amount of time. However even though they liked him and really appreciated the fact that he had a point of view they wanted to see better finishing.

This is where the story gets good!

One of Jason's models was on her way outside and she asked one of the Gen Art people if they ever call anyone back in for a second look. She was asked what their number was and when she told them they said "oh yeah, definitely go back up". She rushed back into Starbucks to tell Jason and everyone went crazy putting garments back on, re-adjusting, etc. But one of the three models had already left! After several phone calls, Jason's friend Adam decided to play Jay McCarroll and walk up to random people to ask them if they wanted to model! We found a Barista from Starbucks who was getting off duty and jumped at the chance (the girl that Adam found at Chevy's next door wasn't 18 unfortunately). The girl worked out great and she looked amazing in the outfit! They all headed back upstairs and I stayed at Starbucks to wait and chat with Adam.

Starbucks quickly turned into Project Runway Central. As Adam and I chatted, another designer came over and sat with us. Her name was Annicka and she was from Tucson, Arizona. I told her that our very own Laura K. is from Arizona! Annicka lost the leather strap from one of her garments and was using some ribbon she found in her bag as a replacement. Talk about "making it work!"

Shortly after, Graal returned from her audition. She seemed happy so we hoped that she had good news for us! Unfortunately she did not, but she said that the audition process was such a good experience that she was revitalized and ready to get back into fashion full-swing! She plans on expanding on her portfolio and bringing models next time! Her website is soon to come - so stay tuned!

We waited and waited for Jason and crew to come back down. We thought for sure that since it was taking so long he was signing contracts and moving his things into the Atlas! Eventually they came down - Jason was happy as can be but NOT a cast member of Season 4. He said that the judges still stuck to their original diagnosis of needing better finishing and more experience. Jason has much to look forward to - he will be showing in May at the comedy club where he works and hopefully BPR (well - me) will be in the house!

I tried to wait for Annicka. I really wanted to find out how she did (after all SOMEONE I met had to make it!) but she did not come out. I did see her before she went in and she had magically found a model too (a girl that was on her way into the movie theater!). Annicka - if you read this please let me know what happened!

All in all I had a great time! Even though I didn't get in to talk to the judges I met some great people - all of whom really captured the true spirit of Project Runway. To see my pictures, click here!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Malan Breton - Fall '07

I finally went to Fashion Week (and I even got a gift bag!)

This morning was Malan Breton's Fall 2007 show and of course I was only too glad to call out sick to school to go (his Spring show was during the first week of school and I had to miss it)!
New York City was the "frozen apple" today with temperatures and wind chills in the teens, but inside Arena it was definitely hot!

Upon arriving and checking in I caught up with Laura Lee and her 2 friends (who also called in sick to their Catholic school/church commitments LOL). Laura was seated next to me and the others had standing room, but it worked out and we all got to sit together!

Laura and I had a chance to chat and check out the guests arriving, which included Angela Kestlar, Diana Eng and of course our own Tim Gunn! (did I also see Goil from Top Design down there?)

The program described the show as being inspired by "iconic images in visual design, film and music" and cited a "young Elizabeth Taylor, Gaudi, true evolution in the truest feminine form, the limelight, the low life and and the opportunity for a new world" as the show's message. When the first model came out (Melrose - runner-up of the last cycle of America's Next Top Model - I was excited!) she was in a very sleek black suit (she modeled 2 looks in the show). In fact the first several looks were all black and I was starting to think that that was going to be the common thread, but leave it to Malan to bring out a green flapper dress to change it up!

It was hard to follow the program once the show started as obviously there were model changes (I did not see Nazri or Clarissa and they were listed) and it seemed as if some of the looks were switched too. The always stunning Marilinda (PR Season 3 winner) wore 2 looks as well and I swear that girl is such a fantastic model that it's so easy for even an amateur photographer like to me to get an amazing shot of her!

The looks ranged from suits and trousers to the "glam" that we all know and love Malan for! The fit and the make of each garment was impeccable. I tried to get shots of the front and back of many of the garments so that the detail work would show.

After the show we went down to the floor to see Tim. We congratulated him on his new job and he said he is very excited! We didn't get to talk to Angela or Diana but we did try to get a few shots of them. The woman that sat next to Tim (PJ) was adorable! They chatted the whole time but when it was time to ask Tim for a picture, she got all shy and you know me - I walked right over there and got the 2 of them together - it was so cute!

I also have to commend the people at Brand Wrangler and Malan Breton who ran the event (many of whom I have met at Malan's Grand Opening and other events). They made sure everyone had what they needed and went out of their way to provide seats for those standing. They ran an amazing event!

Oh - and the gift bag?? It had lip products from FACEatelier, an invite to the after party at Arena tonight and....Niagara spray starch!

Thanks Malan - it was an honor! I'll be at the next one for sure!

Here are the pics. I tried my best but also be sure to check online for the professional shots (Laura also got more photos!)

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Warmth at EMc2!

Hello all!

So last night was the "Warm Yourself" event at Emmett's store, EMc2! With all of the madness of the holiday season in full swing, it was really my only chance to make it into the city. I would have loved to come to the other events, but anyone who knows the New York City area knows that sitting on the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel (either by bus or car) during "gridlock alert" is not fun!

I decided to coordinate this with all the of the other things I needed to do in the city, such as seeing "the tree" at Rockefeller Center and shopping for Maggie (the little girl that my Mom takes care of - Mom heard I was going into the city and said "pick me up this and..." LOL) at American Girl Place. Bags and bags later, I set off down 5th Avenue to meet my boyfriend Keith at Grand Central Station (he works in Westchester County, NY and since his sister lives near the Mt. Vernon West train station, he also gave up on the gridlock, parked his car at his sister's house and got on the train!) We met up and got on the 6 train to Spring Street (I felt so J. Lo since I was "on the 6"! LOL)

As we approached EMc2, we noticed how beautiful the windows looked with fresh pine and beautiful sparkly garments in them! We walked in and there was Tim Gunn, entertaining a small but attentive crowd so we walked around and looked at the clothes. While we were browsing we were handed a glass of champagne by one of Emmett's staff members. I can never look at Emmett's, Chloe's, Nick's and Kara's items enough but what really caught my eye were the coats. Emmett told us that the designer of many of the coats is this person named Steven, who was there and we had the chance to meet. Emmett had some beautiful coats as well. I picked out a coat that I loved (and Keith took a picture of - he said that's on the "money is no object list!"). I was also "wrapped" in a gorgeous scarf by one of the staff members (there's a pic of that too!

We finally had a chance to chat with Tim. He was so excited to see us and he again told us how much he loves BPR! I asked him to write a holiday greeting for the BeePeRs and he told me that he PROMISES he'll do it today (so be on the lookout!) We asked him about the show (of course). When Keith asked him which garment he was shocked to see survive the judging he said it was Vincent's "Waste Not Want Not" design. We talked a little about "Top Design" and Tim said that he hasn't seen it, but that it's very different in that they're given somewhere around $50,000 for their challenges (hardly the $100 or a pile or trash they get on "Project Runway"!). He gave credit again to the PR designers in that they actually CREATE a design as opposed to SHOP for one. We also got to chat with Tim (remember Tim? he was the guy who had his chest autographed at the event in July?!) He is working in the men's wear industry at a store in Boston and is doing well!

Well a few canapes and glasses of champagne later and we found ourselves in a discussion with Emmett, Tim and Emmett's team of people who are working on his licensing plans. Big things are happening in the Emmett McCarthy world so stay tuned (is there an empire in the works here??)

We said our goodbyes and holiday greetings, grabbed some dinner in Little Italy and I decided to just grab the train with Keith (he drove me back across the George Washington Bridge - it's a quick ride when there's no traffic!) If you happen to travel into New York over the holidays, don't forget to stop in, say hi and shop at EMc2 - it's well worth the trip!

Here's the link to the pics!

Happy Holidays all!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Dear Veronica

Hi there,
I just wanted to write you to tell you that I happened to stumble across your blog while I was doing a Google search for "Kara Janx kimono top". It's very impressive and you look great in the top. I am actually trying to get one , but Kara doesn't seem to have them available on her site. Consider yourself fortunate!
Anyway - this is me you are refering to:

"We sidled up to Malan first. He was talking to a middle-aged woman wearing a tee shirt that said something about Tim Gunn on the front. Malan was graciously saying goodbye to her. As she pushed past us, I noticed her shirt was autographed all over. Geez. It was a crazy fan lady. All of a sudden, my friends and I felt a rush of courage. If Malan was that lovely to this sideshow stalker lady, he would never chase us away."

It's pretty hurtful to read things about yourself on the Internet. I am actually a Computer Lab teacher in New Jersey and I advise my students that if you write something on the Internet, be prepared to defend it. They always say, "Oh no, no one knows my myspace address." or "I keep it private".
I assure them that NOTHING is private on the Internet. There are millions of search engines that will point that person in the right direction someday or somehow.
I'm not expecting you to apologize - you don't know me - how could you owe me anything? Nor do I feel like I should come on here and defend myself (why I was wearing what I wore that day, the reason my hair was in a pony tail, or why I parked on the West Side Highway for that matter). However I was actually surprised upon looking for your contact information to find that you are an attorney for civil rights. PEOPLE'S civil rights???? hmm....
I really just wanted to express my hurt and disappointment. I may see you again at one of these events and if I "push past you", I will apologize this time.
Enjoy the holidays,

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What a night!

So I went to the opening of Malan Breton’s new store last night. Why is it that sometimes the skies just don’t cooperate at these events? The weather in the NYC area was dreadful – massive rains, floods, washed away roads, etc. I caught the bus from my corner in New Jersey at 5:10 and didn’t make it to Malan’s until 7:30! However, it was worth every second!

I got to the store thinking that the opening was from 7-8 and the after-party was at 8, but there was a mix-up in scheduling. Joseph (Malan’s publicist) and another gentleman (I didn’t get your name – sorry!) were so kind - they escorted me to Orchid (the gorgeous lounge that was hosting the party) under an umbrella so I could have a complimentary cocktail and relax until everything was ready! They told me to come back around 8:15. I ran into “Snowflakebebe” there! She lives right near Malan’s store and was helping with the opening! It’s always great to see her and she loaned me her umbrella for the walk back!

Around 8:20 I decided to venture back down the block to the store. The first person I ran into outside was Emmett McCarthy. Emmett is always so charming and I was so glad to hear that business is out of control at Emc2! He said that he’s just been shopping for more fabric because the store is so busy! He also has some more big news coming our way, but the Project Rungay boys and myself were sworn to secrecy!

I stopped for a bit to chat with Amanda and Katie (both were Season 3 models) and Katie was so excited when I said I was from BPR! She said she and her Mom check the blog all the time! Amanda will be moving to LA soon. She did a lot of shows for LA Fashion Week and has some more things lined up out there as well. Katie had a fitting she was going to last night for the “chocolate show”! She will be wearing a skirt made out of dark chocolate and a white chocolate top! I told her to PLEASE send us pictures! The girls were standing right in front of the pieces that Malan was showing and Amanda showed me the one she wore (and snowflakebebe helped make) in his show! Diana Eng also came over to chat and she was admiring the looks as well as the portfolio that fellow BeePeR Jesse has with him!

I did get some shots of his pieces and the people that were in attendance but my camera is really acting up and some of the close-up shots are very “white”. But the clothes were gorgeous! The store itself is small, but very open and bright, complete with a chandelier hanging in the middle (what else would you expect from Malan?!) While I was snapping some photos, I happened to look across the room and catch JAY MCCARROLL!!! Jay and I have a common interest that I promised I wouldn’t mention here, but if you watched “Project Jay” you might get it! We chatted for a while. I recognized the bag he was carrying from his trademark “circle pattern bags”. We went outside and while we were there – a limo pulled up. Well, who got out of the limo? Laura Bennett, her husband Peter and the Project Rungay boys! Laura still hasn’t had the baby but she did say maybe sometime next week she’d have some news for us! It was “fabulous” to finally meet the Project Rungay boys! Shortly thereafter I spotted Uli, Marilinda and then off in the distance – Jeffrey Sebelia! Jeffrey apparently is still very much in shock over his victory (“I still can’t believe it!”) It is official – thanks to last night’s event I have officially met all three Project Runway winners and three out of the four finalists from Season 3!

Everyone hung out outside (the rain had stopped by this point) and then Malan’s staff was encouraging everyone to head back down to Orchid – where the hot item at the bar was the “Malan” – a drink made with pomegranate juice! One of the girls working at Orchid was wearing one of Malan’s designs. Orchid is a fun place with its Asian décor and interesting drink selection! After everyone settled in, a slew of photographers began taking publicity shots of all of the Project Runway designers that were in attendance and I believe Bravo was also shooting video footage. It was good to see Valerie from Bravo at the event as well!

I am so glad I ventured out on such a dismal night! Many thanks to Malan and his staff and lots of love and success on your business endeavor! Here’s the link to the pics – again – some are very “bright”!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Fall Off The Runway"!

Well it was Fashion Week in New York last week! The PERFECT time for school to kick into full-gear huh? Between having to miss Malan's show on Monday, not being able to hang out at the tents on Friday and the Project Runway Season 2 marathon this coming week - I ask why can't it be summer year 'round?? Don't these people know I need time off for my passion?? LOL

Anyway, Saturday worked out perfectly. My boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law were in town from California. They caught the matinee of Spamalot on Broadway and wanted to meet up with us at the San Gennaro Feast after. Well - how convenient is it that EMc2 is right around the corner from Little Italy?!!!!

I had more school stuff to do on Saturday morning (marching band stuff - Moi ;) gets it - as would Jay McCarroll LOL!!!) so Keith and I didn't head over to the city until around 2:30. He dropped me off on Prince Street and went to find parking. When I arrived at EMc2, I was so excited to see so many designers from both Seasons 2 and 3 there! Keith (my roving photographer who loves to just snap random pictures) got some fabulous shots!

I was disappointed that I couldn't get there earlier. I missed seeing the PRgayboys, Tim Gunn and Amanda, but it was so great to see Laura K. She had called me Friday afternoon, but I was at school! She and Debby had invited us to join them at Bar Bossa, but since we were going to the feast we declined. We later regretted that decision - the feast was so packed you could not even move! We ended up at Applebees back home later that night! LOL

As far as the designers: we had a great conversation with Angela after she and Emmett finished signing t-shirts and I told her how I had tried her design on at Macy's! I asked how her Mom handled all the drama between her and Jeffrey and she said that she didn't let all of that ruin the whole NYC experience for her and that meeting Tim was her favorite part! Kayne was a sweetheart and thanked me for all the wonderful things BPR does! Emmett told me I looked "fabulous" and I was so flattered and thought to myself "wow and I was looking at him all day thinking HE looked fabulous!" LOL) Chloe remembered me! She said, "I met you before, right??", which was very cool! When we were outside the store talking to the always fabulous Nick Verreos and his partner David, we happened to catch Alison going into the store and we were able to snap a shot with her! Keith was telling Nick how much I treasure my autographed Barbie! I had a chance to chat for a while with Dimitry, who designed the store as I was purchasing my autographed Tim bobblehead and my Tim Gunn shirt (I don't like to wear my autographed one around, so I bought another!)

Let's not forget about the fashion - I mean, after all this was a sale event! Nick had some gorgeous dresses, but my favorite look was the gold colored top! Chloe has beautifully designed pieces from her store Lot 8 (some from her OFW show). Emmett has some newer things in the store and some summer looks out back. There was a print wrap-dress for summer that I liked a lot. Although Kara wasn't there, her trademark kimono dresses were! There was a large amount of jewelry too. I am a fan of Molly Magdalain's "star strings".

I ran back into Bar Bossa where Debby and Laura K. were eating to tell her that Alison and Angela were in the store and Laura was able to get a shot of Angela with the "I heart BPR" sign! Angela had told us earlier how much she respects BPR and the fact that we don't allow negativity.

Nothing but positive vibes were apparent on Saturday, that is for sure!! Thanks Emmett for another amazing event! For my pictures, click here!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kimonos and Cocktails!

Hi there!

Just got in from Kara Janx's event - hosted by Girlshop Boutique. What a way to spend one of my long teacher/vacation summer days - cocktails, fashion and friends in NYC's West Village!

Well this time the commute (and the weather) worked out much better! I left NJ around 4:30 even though I knew the sale didn't start until 6. There was no traffic coming across the bridge and I even found street parking! I walked around the trendy West Village, window-shopped at Stella McCartney and browsed around Scoop NYC until the time came.

As soon as I got there, Kara ran over and greeted me! It's always great to see her and she was wearing her new kimono top (it's the dress condensed to a top and it looks great with jeans - Kara, we'll talk soon hehe!). I then spotted BeePeR Daphne and guess what - she was wearing her kimono dress! Daphne apparently has been to Girlshop before and she was chatting with the store's owner, Laura (see my pics for a shot of Laura, Kara and Daphne's hand!). Laura was very sweet and went all out on the event! The drinks, provided by Midori were flowing (Midori Margaritas and Midori Cosmpolitans) and there was a buffet as well! Kara was incredibly busy helping people in the dressing rooms, which I was very glad to see.

Girlshop also has some amazing items as well. Check them out at!

Daphne and I grabbed a bite to eat and discussed last night's show and our passion for Project Runway. As we were talking, Emmett and Dimitry (who not only designed EMc2, but the class Tim Gunn t-shirts and coming soon - the Tim bobblehead!) arrived. The cutest little girl came over with her Mom to have her picture taken with him (again - see my pics). There are some exciting things happening at EMc2 as well. It's so good to see them all doing so well and it's always great to spend time with Emmett and Dimitry!

(Is it true that today is Tim Gunn's birthday?? If it is - Happy Birthday Tim!)

There were so many people trying on Kara's creations. I did manage to get a pic of the table at the door with the kimono top on it. Many of the Girlshop employees and Kara's new assistant were all wearing her designs and looked fabulous!

I looked outside and saw a ton of people standing around. I wondered what was going on and walked over and saw that Malan had arrived! People were telling him how it wasn't fair that he was "auf'ed" and he was delighted to see how many fans he had! He was showing me some photos that he brought of his "muse" and his new collection that he will be showing at Fashion Week. Hopefully he will send me the photographs so we can show them here. He said that anything BPR needs, he will send us!

I headed out around 8:00 (the event was ending at 8:30). If Keith was there, he must have stopped by after I left. I was hoping to catch him. I did however, run into BeePerS Jesse and Max and they told me how much the love the site! I got a picture of them as well!

The pictures aren't my best, but I did get some of Kara, Emmett and Malan (some of them have random fans in them - if you're reading this and you're one of them, please comment so we know who you are!) I also got some of the store itself - it's a really nice place and I'm sure I'll be back down there soon!

Here they are! Enjoy!