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Monday, December 11, 2006

Dear Veronica

Hi there,
I just wanted to write you to tell you that I happened to stumble across your blog while I was doing a Google search for "Kara Janx kimono top". It's very impressive and you look great in the top. I am actually trying to get one , but Kara doesn't seem to have them available on her site. Consider yourself fortunate!
Anyway - this is me you are refering to:

"We sidled up to Malan first. He was talking to a middle-aged woman wearing a tee shirt that said something about Tim Gunn on the front. Malan was graciously saying goodbye to her. As she pushed past us, I noticed her shirt was autographed all over. Geez. It was a crazy fan lady. All of a sudden, my friends and I felt a rush of courage. If Malan was that lovely to this sideshow stalker lady, he would never chase us away."

It's pretty hurtful to read things about yourself on the Internet. I am actually a Computer Lab teacher in New Jersey and I advise my students that if you write something on the Internet, be prepared to defend it. They always say, "Oh no, no one knows my myspace address." or "I keep it private".
I assure them that NOTHING is private on the Internet. There are millions of search engines that will point that person in the right direction someday or somehow.
I'm not expecting you to apologize - you don't know me - how could you owe me anything? Nor do I feel like I should come on here and defend myself (why I was wearing what I wore that day, the reason my hair was in a pony tail, or why I parked on the West Side Highway for that matter). However I was actually surprised upon looking for your contact information to find that you are an attorney for civil rights. PEOPLE'S civil rights???? hmm....
I really just wanted to express my hurt and disappointment. I may see you again at one of these events and if I "push past you", I will apologize this time.
Enjoy the holidays,


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