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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

EMc2 event

My day at the EMc2 event!

Wow - what a day!

I had originally planned to leave my house in New Jersey around 3:30 to arrive in the city, park my car (I found a lot online) and get over to EMc2. I was going to visit the store, hang out for a bit, leave and then head over to Bar Bossa for the show.

Around the time I was planning to leave, thunder/lightning started over here, so after watching the weather report (from our reliable Sam Champion here in the tri-state area!) I figured I'd wait a bit and then head over. I actually got in the car around 4.

I made it over the bridge and down the West Side Highway fairly easily when suddenly the skies OPENED!!! All I could think was a. OMG I can't see 2 feet in front of me! and b. OMG the garden at Emmett's store!!! Finally after sitting on Canal Street for forever (see pic on my site!) I made it to the lot on Mulberry Street, parked and walked over to EMc2 (a few blocks). I was going to wait in the garage for it to let up, but it just didn't seem like that would ever happen (plus I was excited! hehe!).

When I got there, the party had just moved inside and people were wet, humid and as Daphne put it "bedraggled" (quoting Andrae of course!) but spirits were high! I walked around and introduced myself to as many people as I could. One of the first people that stood out in the crowd was Tarah (Nick/Zulema's model from Season 2). Nick of course was in the vicinity of "his muse" (as he kept referring to her as) and I met him. He is so charming, friendly and down to Earth that I feel as if we are best friends now! She and her sister were wearing beautiful dresses from Nick's collection! I also met Chloe and her sister. Those 2 girls are so hard-working! Very sweet! Kara was of course nice as could be and recognized me from the tour! I told Nick that I brought my MyScene Barbie, but I left it in my car because I wanted to ask if he would be so kind to sign it before I carried it around. He was so excited and said "of course", so I thought - the rain had let up a little and the store was really crowded - I'd run to my car then.

When I got back - cue the trumpets - Tim had arrived!!!! I walked in and Nick, Tim, Chloe, Emmett and Kara were posing for pictures. (see my pic link for those shots too!). Sometime after that, Chloe started yelling "Tim has to "carry on" to the outside area!" I think that either a. it was cooler out there and b. she wanted to get Tim away from the racks, which were located right there so people could continue to shop! Some people did move outside and Tim was so gracious - when Emmett told him I was from BPR his face lit up and he told me how much he loves us (and especially Laura). I assured him the feeling was mutual! While outside we were greeted by even more special guests. Grace (Chloe's model), Diana Eng, and Malan and Amanda (who we now know is Alison's model) from Season 3! They were excited about tonight and all heading over to Keith's later to watch the episode! Grace and Chloe had a great time checking out the Elle magazine spread (got pics of that too!). I also had a great time chatting with Dimitry and the employees of EMc2 - they're always so warm and friendly! Kara's fiancee also met her there and Kara told me that the wedding will take place January 14, 2007 in South Africa!

The popular activity of the day - purchasing Tim Gunn t-shirts (designed by Dimitry) and having them signed. I cannot tell you how gracious ALL the designers were about doing that. Often times that had to stop showing garments to deal with fans and NONE of them missed a beat! It was amazing! I decided to join the trend. I not only got an autographed t-shirt myself, but I got my Barbie signed by both NICK AND TARAH (even though I had already asked Tarah, Nick kept saying, "make sure you get Tarah!") Boy does he loves her so!

When Emmett saw me getting my shirt signed, he told me that he wanted to get 2 more signed - one for Laura and one for the BPR Parsons Scholarship Fund for us to auction! He asked if I wouldn't mind bringing them around and of course I was thrilled! Wait until you guys see them! Emmett is going to fed-ex them to you Laura (he even signed the Scholarship one "Parsons Class of '88!")! Tim and Emmett were being interviewed by the New York Post while all this was going on so they were busy and Tim didn't get out of there until well after 7!

I then decided to stick around for a while, then around 8 since I knew the store would be closing soon, I'd walk to my car, put my Barbie away and then head back to see what was happening at Bar Bossa. I got back to the store and our good friend Debby was just getting ready to leave. She wanted to get a picture of the two of us and other noted BeePeR Daphne, so I went back into the store to get Daphne. They (and Daphne's friend Andi) were great! I really enjoyed getting to know all of them! I also loved the guy who got HIS CHEST autographed by the designers and the little girl who came with her Mom. She was so excited! I also believe I saw our "woman with the yellow coat" from our tour outside the store as well (Diane?)!

The designers were exhausted, the shoppers were hot and tired as well and since Emmett said there was a snafu with Bar Bossa (the owner was having trouble with the TV and he claims there was "no reservation"), the viewing party didn't work out. After speaking with Emmett, I went over and spoke to him, but I didn't see anyone in the bar that I recognized, the designers weren't going and Daphne and Andi left also. I decided to just pick up my car 2 hours early, save some money and watch the show at home. I am glad - because around 11:00, the thunder/lightning started again, so it was a good thing I didn't stick around only to get stuck in the rain - again! I do wish though that I had reconnected with those 2 people that I had told I would be there. I hope they didn't wait around!

It was a fun night - I'm still all wound up!

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