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Thursday, November 09, 2006

What a night!

So I went to the opening of Malan Breton’s new store last night. Why is it that sometimes the skies just don’t cooperate at these events? The weather in the NYC area was dreadful – massive rains, floods, washed away roads, etc. I caught the bus from my corner in New Jersey at 5:10 and didn’t make it to Malan’s until 7:30! However, it was worth every second!

I got to the store thinking that the opening was from 7-8 and the after-party was at 8, but there was a mix-up in scheduling. Joseph (Malan’s publicist) and another gentleman (I didn’t get your name – sorry!) were so kind - they escorted me to Orchid (the gorgeous lounge that was hosting the party) under an umbrella so I could have a complimentary cocktail and relax until everything was ready! They told me to come back around 8:15. I ran into “Snowflakebebe” there! She lives right near Malan’s store and was helping with the opening! It’s always great to see her and she loaned me her umbrella for the walk back!

Around 8:20 I decided to venture back down the block to the store. The first person I ran into outside was Emmett McCarthy. Emmett is always so charming and I was so glad to hear that business is out of control at Emc2! He said that he’s just been shopping for more fabric because the store is so busy! He also has some more big news coming our way, but the Project Rungay boys and myself were sworn to secrecy!

I stopped for a bit to chat with Amanda and Katie (both were Season 3 models) and Katie was so excited when I said I was from BPR! She said she and her Mom check the blog all the time! Amanda will be moving to LA soon. She did a lot of shows for LA Fashion Week and has some more things lined up out there as well. Katie had a fitting she was going to last night for the “chocolate show”! She will be wearing a skirt made out of dark chocolate and a white chocolate top! I told her to PLEASE send us pictures! The girls were standing right in front of the pieces that Malan was showing and Amanda showed me the one she wore (and snowflakebebe helped make) in his show! Diana Eng also came over to chat and she was admiring the looks as well as the portfolio that fellow BeePeR Jesse has with him!

I did get some shots of his pieces and the people that were in attendance but my camera is really acting up and some of the close-up shots are very “white”. But the clothes were gorgeous! The store itself is small, but very open and bright, complete with a chandelier hanging in the middle (what else would you expect from Malan?!) While I was snapping some photos, I happened to look across the room and catch JAY MCCARROLL!!! Jay and I have a common interest that I promised I wouldn’t mention here, but if you watched “Project Jay” you might get it! We chatted for a while. I recognized the bag he was carrying from his trademark “circle pattern bags”. We went outside and while we were there – a limo pulled up. Well, who got out of the limo? Laura Bennett, her husband Peter and the Project Rungay boys! Laura still hasn’t had the baby but she did say maybe sometime next week she’d have some news for us! It was “fabulous” to finally meet the Project Rungay boys! Shortly thereafter I spotted Uli, Marilinda and then off in the distance – Jeffrey Sebelia! Jeffrey apparently is still very much in shock over his victory (“I still can’t believe it!”) It is official – thanks to last night’s event I have officially met all three Project Runway winners and three out of the four finalists from Season 3!

Everyone hung out outside (the rain had stopped by this point) and then Malan’s staff was encouraging everyone to head back down to Orchid – where the hot item at the bar was the “Malan” – a drink made with pomegranate juice! One of the girls working at Orchid was wearing one of Malan’s designs. Orchid is a fun place with its Asian décor and interesting drink selection! After everyone settled in, a slew of photographers began taking publicity shots of all of the Project Runway designers that were in attendance and I believe Bravo was also shooting video footage. It was good to see Valerie from Bravo at the event as well!

I am so glad I ventured out on such a dismal night! Many thanks to Malan and his staff and lots of love and success on your business endeavor! Here’s the link to the pics – again – some are very “bright”!


  • At 1:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What a wonderful description of Malan's opening. Thanks, dahling. I love this gifted man. He was auf'd much too soon from Project Runway, but his star shines bright.

  • At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I just viewed the photos! Why has no one discovered this blog! I am, in Tim Gunn's words, verklempt!!!


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