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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Kimonos and Cocktails!

Hi there!

Just got in from Kara Janx's event - hosted by Girlshop Boutique. What a way to spend one of my long teacher/vacation summer days - cocktails, fashion and friends in NYC's West Village!

Well this time the commute (and the weather) worked out much better! I left NJ around 4:30 even though I knew the sale didn't start until 6. There was no traffic coming across the bridge and I even found street parking! I walked around the trendy West Village, window-shopped at Stella McCartney and browsed around Scoop NYC until the time came.

As soon as I got there, Kara ran over and greeted me! It's always great to see her and she was wearing her new kimono top (it's the dress condensed to a top and it looks great with jeans - Kara, we'll talk soon hehe!). I then spotted BeePeR Daphne and guess what - she was wearing her kimono dress! Daphne apparently has been to Girlshop before and she was chatting with the store's owner, Laura (see my pics for a shot of Laura, Kara and Daphne's hand!). Laura was very sweet and went all out on the event! The drinks, provided by Midori were flowing (Midori Margaritas and Midori Cosmpolitans) and there was a buffet as well! Kara was incredibly busy helping people in the dressing rooms, which I was very glad to see.

Girlshop also has some amazing items as well. Check them out at!

Daphne and I grabbed a bite to eat and discussed last night's show and our passion for Project Runway. As we were talking, Emmett and Dimitry (who not only designed EMc2, but the class Tim Gunn t-shirts and coming soon - the Tim bobblehead!) arrived. The cutest little girl came over with her Mom to have her picture taken with him (again - see my pics). There are some exciting things happening at EMc2 as well. It's so good to see them all doing so well and it's always great to spend time with Emmett and Dimitry!

(Is it true that today is Tim Gunn's birthday?? If it is - Happy Birthday Tim!)

There were so many people trying on Kara's creations. I did manage to get a pic of the table at the door with the kimono top on it. Many of the Girlshop employees and Kara's new assistant were all wearing her designs and looked fabulous!

I looked outside and saw a ton of people standing around. I wondered what was going on and walked over and saw that Malan had arrived! People were telling him how it wasn't fair that he was "auf'ed" and he was delighted to see how many fans he had! He was showing me some photos that he brought of his "muse" and his new collection that he will be showing at Fashion Week. Hopefully he will send me the photographs so we can show them here. He said that anything BPR needs, he will send us!

I headed out around 8:00 (the event was ending at 8:30). If Keith was there, he must have stopped by after I left. I was hoping to catch him. I did however, run into BeePerS Jesse and Max and they told me how much the love the site! I got a picture of them as well!

The pictures aren't my best, but I did get some of Kara, Emmett and Malan (some of them have random fans in them - if you're reading this and you're one of them, please comment so we know who you are!) I also got some of the store itself - it's a really nice place and I'm sure I'll be back down there soon!

Here they are! Enjoy!



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    Keep up the good work. thnx!

  • At 7:10 PM, Blogger J9 said…

    wow, thanks a lot for the terrific detail of the event! I'm in awe. and certainly hoping to buy one of kara janx's dresses or tops sooner or later...


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