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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Fall Off The Runway"!

Well it was Fashion Week in New York last week! The PERFECT time for school to kick into full-gear huh? Between having to miss Malan's show on Monday, not being able to hang out at the tents on Friday and the Project Runway Season 2 marathon this coming week - I ask why can't it be summer year 'round?? Don't these people know I need time off for my passion?? LOL

Anyway, Saturday worked out perfectly. My boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law were in town from California. They caught the matinee of Spamalot on Broadway and wanted to meet up with us at the San Gennaro Feast after. Well - how convenient is it that EMc2 is right around the corner from Little Italy?!!!!

I had more school stuff to do on Saturday morning (marching band stuff - Moi ;) gets it - as would Jay McCarroll LOL!!!) so Keith and I didn't head over to the city until around 2:30. He dropped me off on Prince Street and went to find parking. When I arrived at EMc2, I was so excited to see so many designers from both Seasons 2 and 3 there! Keith (my roving photographer who loves to just snap random pictures) got some fabulous shots!

I was disappointed that I couldn't get there earlier. I missed seeing the PRgayboys, Tim Gunn and Amanda, but it was so great to see Laura K. She had called me Friday afternoon, but I was at school! She and Debby had invited us to join them at Bar Bossa, but since we were going to the feast we declined. We later regretted that decision - the feast was so packed you could not even move! We ended up at Applebees back home later that night! LOL

As far as the designers: we had a great conversation with Angela after she and Emmett finished signing t-shirts and I told her how I had tried her design on at Macy's! I asked how her Mom handled all the drama between her and Jeffrey and she said that she didn't let all of that ruin the whole NYC experience for her and that meeting Tim was her favorite part! Kayne was a sweetheart and thanked me for all the wonderful things BPR does! Emmett told me I looked "fabulous" and I was so flattered and thought to myself "wow and I was looking at him all day thinking HE looked fabulous!" LOL) Chloe remembered me! She said, "I met you before, right??", which was very cool! When we were outside the store talking to the always fabulous Nick Verreos and his partner David, we happened to catch Alison going into the store and we were able to snap a shot with her! Keith was telling Nick how much I treasure my autographed Barbie! I had a chance to chat for a while with Dimitry, who designed the store as I was purchasing my autographed Tim bobblehead and my Tim Gunn shirt (I don't like to wear my autographed one around, so I bought another!)

Let's not forget about the fashion - I mean, after all this was a sale event! Nick had some gorgeous dresses, but my favorite look was the gold colored top! Chloe has beautifully designed pieces from her store Lot 8 (some from her OFW show). Emmett has some newer things in the store and some summer looks out back. There was a print wrap-dress for summer that I liked a lot. Although Kara wasn't there, her trademark kimono dresses were! There was a large amount of jewelry too. I am a fan of Molly Magdalain's "star strings".

I ran back into Bar Bossa where Debby and Laura K. were eating to tell her that Alison and Angela were in the store and Laura was able to get a shot of Angela with the "I heart BPR" sign! Angela had told us earlier how much she respects BPR and the fact that we don't allow negativity.

Nothing but positive vibes were apparent on Saturday, that is for sure!! Thanks Emmett for another amazing event! For my pictures, click here!


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