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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Warmth at EMc2!

Hello all!

So last night was the "Warm Yourself" event at Emmett's store, EMc2! With all of the madness of the holiday season in full swing, it was really my only chance to make it into the city. I would have loved to come to the other events, but anyone who knows the New York City area knows that sitting on the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel (either by bus or car) during "gridlock alert" is not fun!

I decided to coordinate this with all the of the other things I needed to do in the city, such as seeing "the tree" at Rockefeller Center and shopping for Maggie (the little girl that my Mom takes care of - Mom heard I was going into the city and said "pick me up this and..." LOL) at American Girl Place. Bags and bags later, I set off down 5th Avenue to meet my boyfriend Keith at Grand Central Station (he works in Westchester County, NY and since his sister lives near the Mt. Vernon West train station, he also gave up on the gridlock, parked his car at his sister's house and got on the train!) We met up and got on the 6 train to Spring Street (I felt so J. Lo since I was "on the 6"! LOL)

As we approached EMc2, we noticed how beautiful the windows looked with fresh pine and beautiful sparkly garments in them! We walked in and there was Tim Gunn, entertaining a small but attentive crowd so we walked around and looked at the clothes. While we were browsing we were handed a glass of champagne by one of Emmett's staff members. I can never look at Emmett's, Chloe's, Nick's and Kara's items enough but what really caught my eye were the coats. Emmett told us that the designer of many of the coats is this person named Steven, who was there and we had the chance to meet. Emmett had some beautiful coats as well. I picked out a coat that I loved (and Keith took a picture of - he said that's on the "money is no object list!"). I was also "wrapped" in a gorgeous scarf by one of the staff members (there's a pic of that too!

We finally had a chance to chat with Tim. He was so excited to see us and he again told us how much he loves BPR! I asked him to write a holiday greeting for the BeePeRs and he told me that he PROMISES he'll do it today (so be on the lookout!) We asked him about the show (of course). When Keith asked him which garment he was shocked to see survive the judging he said it was Vincent's "Waste Not Want Not" design. We talked a little about "Top Design" and Tim said that he hasn't seen it, but that it's very different in that they're given somewhere around $50,000 for their challenges (hardly the $100 or a pile or trash they get on "Project Runway"!). He gave credit again to the PR designers in that they actually CREATE a design as opposed to SHOP for one. We also got to chat with Tim (remember Tim? he was the guy who had his chest autographed at the event in July?!) He is working in the men's wear industry at a store in Boston and is doing well!

Well a few canapes and glasses of champagne later and we found ourselves in a discussion with Emmett, Tim and Emmett's team of people who are working on his licensing plans. Big things are happening in the Emmett McCarthy world so stay tuned (is there an empire in the works here??)

We said our goodbyes and holiday greetings, grabbed some dinner in Little Italy and I decided to just grab the train with Keith (he drove me back across the George Washington Bridge - it's a quick ride when there's no traffic!) If you happen to travel into New York over the holidays, don't forget to stop in, say hi and shop at EMc2 - it's well worth the trip!

Here's the link to the pics!

Happy Holidays all!


  • At 9:54 AM, Blogger jodi said…

    Lucky girl! How fabulous! I wish I could have gone, but I had tickets to see Sean Lennon! =)


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