Trish's Dish

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Top Chef Finale vs. Project Runway finale

OK first of all I am a HUGE Project Runway fan, avid BPR member, went on the tour and all! AND I actually DID enjoy Top Chef! However, let's compare the Top Chef Finale to either of the Project Runway Finales.

- First of all, we know the PR finale is pretty damn close to being live. I mean, we all know it's during Olympus Fashion Week and is aired close to then. We have no clue when the Top Chef finale took place.

- Bravo gave us the option last night to text in our vote for the winner (at a cost of $.99, which I didn't know when I cast my vote for luscious Harold

but hey, whatever!) When I voted, I received a text back thanking me for my vote and not to worry, Tiffani had a standing job offer with Elizabeth Falkner (guest judge/owner of Citizen Cake in SF). Maybe it was me, but I took that as "hey, Harold is gonna win, but on the odd chance that you're one of the 3% that voted for Tiffani, don't worry - she'll be fine"). I mean, it didn't totally ruin it for me, in my world ANYTHING can go wrong even when things look great lol and I was waiting a little for the shoe to drop on Harold, but its something PR would never have done (as far as "spilling it" - I'm not putting the text vote thing past them for Season 3).

- On a positive note for Top Chef, we got to see a little more of the "backstabbing" so to speak here. Tiffani's 2 teammates in the Finale BOTH sold her down the river when they were asked who should win. Yes, Santino and Kara questioned Chloe's "passion", but in the end sort of admitted they were trying to save their own butts. I highly doubt Dave and Tiffani had that same conversation after THAT show!

- True, there is no one better than Tim Gunn. We all know this! Even Tom Collicchio knows this (he said it today in his blog!) However, he comes damn close. He's like a seasoned sports commentator on that judge's table. He definitely has a knack for this. However the other season's judges on Top Chef were HARDLY Michael Kors, Badgley Mischka or my all-time favorite - Diane Von Furstenburg. Oh - and also - Tom's hot too!

- We're reasonably sure no one slept together on PR (I mean I know we all had questions about 38D, but they were answered in blogs and we were told Bravo didn't permit it!). However, the Harold-Lee Ann rumors are intriguing! I hope they are dating!

- Let's face it. Top Chef without a "Blogging Top Chef" is just not even close to Project Runway in a "Blogging Project Runway" world. The End.

So to summarize, Project Runway seems a cut (pun intended lol) above Top Chef in putting together a quality product. However, Top Chef was a nice diversion with more fun straight boys to watch and an overall good time! Plus - my boyfriend likes food more than he likes clothes so he actually watched along!