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Friday, February 09, 2007

Malan Breton - Fall '07

I finally went to Fashion Week (and I even got a gift bag!)

This morning was Malan Breton's Fall 2007 show and of course I was only too glad to call out sick to school to go (his Spring show was during the first week of school and I had to miss it)!
New York City was the "frozen apple" today with temperatures and wind chills in the teens, but inside Arena it was definitely hot!

Upon arriving and checking in I caught up with Laura Lee and her 2 friends (who also called in sick to their Catholic school/church commitments LOL). Laura was seated next to me and the others had standing room, but it worked out and we all got to sit together!

Laura and I had a chance to chat and check out the guests arriving, which included Angela Kestlar, Diana Eng and of course our own Tim Gunn! (did I also see Goil from Top Design down there?)

The program described the show as being inspired by "iconic images in visual design, film and music" and cited a "young Elizabeth Taylor, Gaudi, true evolution in the truest feminine form, the limelight, the low life and and the opportunity for a new world" as the show's message. When the first model came out (Melrose - runner-up of the last cycle of America's Next Top Model - I was excited!) she was in a very sleek black suit (she modeled 2 looks in the show). In fact the first several looks were all black and I was starting to think that that was going to be the common thread, but leave it to Malan to bring out a green flapper dress to change it up!

It was hard to follow the program once the show started as obviously there were model changes (I did not see Nazri or Clarissa and they were listed) and it seemed as if some of the looks were switched too. The always stunning Marilinda (PR Season 3 winner) wore 2 looks as well and I swear that girl is such a fantastic model that it's so easy for even an amateur photographer like to me to get an amazing shot of her!

The looks ranged from suits and trousers to the "glam" that we all know and love Malan for! The fit and the make of each garment was impeccable. I tried to get shots of the front and back of many of the garments so that the detail work would show.

After the show we went down to the floor to see Tim. We congratulated him on his new job and he said he is very excited! We didn't get to talk to Angela or Diana but we did try to get a few shots of them. The woman that sat next to Tim (PJ) was adorable! They chatted the whole time but when it was time to ask Tim for a picture, she got all shy and you know me - I walked right over there and got the 2 of them together - it was so cute!

I also have to commend the people at Brand Wrangler and Malan Breton who ran the event (many of whom I have met at Malan's Grand Opening and other events). They made sure everyone had what they needed and went out of their way to provide seats for those standing. They ran an amazing event!

Oh - and the gift bag?? It had lip products from FACEatelier, an invite to the after party at Arena tonight and....Niagara spray starch!

Thanks Malan - it was an honor! I'll be at the next one for sure!

Here are the pics. I tried my best but also be sure to check online for the professional shots (Laura also got more photos!)

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